Discovering Thyself

What Is The Motive Behind The Mission?

My mission for The Power House Of Fashion is to bring inspiration to our youth, in cultivating fashion as a lifestyle and not just pieces of clothing.

  • Addressing today's youth appearance discussing how we look; and how you want to look!

  • Teaching the basics and advanced techniques on choosing different styles to wear for any occasion!

  • Teaching proper etiquette on how to carry yourself confidently while also instructing how to speak in a public environment. 

  • Key Lessons learning about self-awareness and uplifting self confidence for the youth! (Boys & Girls) 




Ms. Ingrid Rose

Ms. Rose is a member of the Metropolitan Women's Democratic Club Of Washington D.C.


The Women in this club were responsible for going onto Capitol Hill to Lobby; for the immigrants of the US, for educational standards to be risen, housing for the community, and most importantly fought for human rights. 


"The Power House Of Fashion embodies all aspects of fashion and adapting it into ones lifestyle; building one from the inside out showing how to conduct yourself in all aspects of life."

Former PTA President Of

Calvin Coolidge High School, Washington D.C


The Power House of Fashion was founded in 2017. 


Ms.Rose also was in the Political Campaign Committee when Washington D.C elected their first Attorney General, Karl Racine.

I Am a Community Activist; always fighting for the rights of our children. I attended political rallies for Trayvon Martin, The Me-too Movement Rally, The Unveiling of The Statue in Washington D.C for the "Mayor for Life" for Marion Barry as well as participated in The Justice or Else March.

If you have any question regarding The Power House of Fashion please do not hesitate to contact me through this website! or please refer to my contact information below.

Ingrid Rose

(202) 706-4993

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