To Grandma's Kitchen An

Intergenerational Culinary Art Experience

In "Grandma's Kitchen," we have three items on the menu: delicious food from different culinary traditions, conversation about relevant issues, and advice that guides young people through life.


In Grandma's Kitchen, young people will learn a plethora of knowledge about life through cooking with friends and seasoned adults. Young people will also be active participants in the learning and cooking process, and problem solving along the way. Engaged in the process of cooking, learning about food, measuring ingredients, and also problem solving.


The mission of Grandma's Kitchen is to develop and enhance our young people through the relevant skill of cooking, and the invaluable interactions with older adults. Young people will come away with a broader knowledge and understanding while connecting them through:


**Cooking Techniques**

**Baking Techniques**


**Nutrition Teachings**

**Kitchen Etiquette**

**Interpersonal Relationships**

**Church/Religious beliefs**

And being engaged with elders, while gaining wisdom and knowledge in the setting of a kitchen!


The purpose and motive of Grandma's Kitchen is to impact and enhance our youth by developing characteristics such as self-esteem, learning how to take responsibility, gaining respect through positive influence, and equipping our youth with the tools for success.

"Initial Efforts"

Past PTA President of Coolidge Highschool in Washington DC, founder of Grandma's Kitchen Ingrid Rose, and Co-founder Linda James, Counselor of Coolidge Highschool began to practice elements of "Welcome to Grandma's Kitchen" by taking Coolidge HS students to lunch at Clyde's Restaurant in downtown Washington, DC.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal and great conversation. That is what this is all about!