Who Is Ms.Rose? 


Ingrid Rose was born in Kingston Jamaica. Her family moved to the united states in the early 70s. At the age of eight years old she attended Philadelphia public school. At sixteen years old, she went to John Robert Power Modeling School, With Top Honors in her class. When she was Nineteen she graduated from Overbook High School. After leaving High school she got her first solo working job in a European children clothing store. She went to further her education at the Art and Fashion Institute of Philadelphia. In the 90s, She gave birth to her first child. After six months from the birth of her daughter; her mother passed away. Shortly after she moved to New York city. She got her first job working at Eddie Bauer on Madison Ave. A Few Years later she started to work at the famous Henri Bendel on 5th Ave. She was looking for a challenge so she went to Capri Cosmetology School. Short after she gave birth to her son in the late 90s. In the 2000s Ms. Rose joined the Acorn Organization where she went to Albany New York to Lobby for education and for small classroom sizes. She has also went on a Rally at City Hall in Manhattan; protesting for affordable housing. After 9/11 she started a kids club in her community; called Community Unity Kids Club. She also joined the Local Civic Association Group. Then things started to change her life, she relocated back to Philadelphia, she volunteered a majority of her time to the schools, attending board meetings to help improve children education standards. Ms. Rose started to do Fashion Shows to teach the Youth about charm, and etiquette in a class. She then joined the Civic Association Group Philadelphia. Years later she and her family moved to Washington D.C, she became more involved in politics. She was in a Political Campaign Committee to elect for the first time in history the Attorney General in Washington D.C. She was also an Usher at Mayor For Life at Marion Barry Jr.'s Funeral. She also worked for the Destination D.C, where she would host big events that came to Washington convention center. Shortly after Ms. Rose started an after school program named the Powerhouse of fashion, she also became the PTA president of the High school. She then Joined the Political Organization in Washington DC, where she was sworn into the Metropolitan Women's Democratic Club of Washington, D.C.